Vase shaped when young but matures to a rounded canopy. Prefers well drained soil in reasonably sheltered site. More Details. The young leaves are shrimp pink later changing yellow green then green over summer.Protect from strong winds and leaves may burn in hot sun.Hardy to cold. Scarlet flowers sporadically throughout the year. Sun or semi-shade. There are many varieties of elm tree, including colourful golden and variegated forms, and graceful weeping and horizontal types. Elegant small tree with silvery narrow leaves. Handsome stately tree with golden corrugated and serrated foliage. Fully hardy. Large tree of columnar habit. Hardy. Flowers are large double rosy pink carried in long drooping clusters. The very large flowers are cyclamen-purple with even darker stamens. Prefers moist woodland position. Reputedly one of the oldest trees in existence. Compact beehive shaped deciduous tree. Rose red silk tree producing fluffy silky blooms freely through the summer. Very hardy. Noble large tree suitable for lime soils. One of the most beautiful flowering crab apples. Yellow autumn leaves. Dark green pinnate foliage with soft orange and yellow autumn tones. P. x hispanica pyramidalis. A medium sized tree with flaky bark on the lower trunk. Protect from heavy frost. Home; Locations. A neat compact columnar form of slow growth. Similar growth habit to P. Lombardy. Papakura Courier. Large bronze green summer foliage turning intense glowing crimson in autumn. Pleaching & Topiary . Responds well to clipping and forms a dense hedge. 7m in 10 years. View our bugger size guide Ulmus parvifolia. Sun or shade. Protect from wind .Cold hardy. Average for frost, very attractive. Very hardy. Flowers creamy white. Small, upright tree from the Himalayas with dark green foliage silver underneath and sharply serrated. Fragrant flowers. Grows well in coastal areas. Deep green leaves. Dark purple leaves attractively edged with an irregular pink border. Trims well. Tolerates wind and industrially polluted atmosphere. Hardy. A handsome NZ native, deeply serrated green leaves with purple margins. A selected form of American Sweet Gum with smoother bark and very reliable autumn colour of rich blackish crimson-red. Magnificent autumn colour. Upright growth, very hardy to wind and most soils. Moist acid peaty soil. Hardy to wind and tolerant of wet ground. Good for specimen or street planting. A small picturesque wide-spreading tree with large hairy leaves that turn russet in autumn. An out- standing plant for specimen for planting in a lawn or garden. Very hardy. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE CURRENTLY UPDATING OUR DATABASE. American Elm Tree. Can be trimmed to any desirable size. Large hardy tree for shelter or as specimen.Dark green needle-like foliage ,which gives off , when crushed ,an odour like orange peel.Prefers cool moist conditions. Leaves with unusual rounded lobes, rich green in summer and turning burgundy in autumn. START SHOPPING → Shop Now Shop Now View the Spruces Our most popular plants Why us? What if I get them and they die? Forms a thicket of stems up to 3m high, young branches being rich red in winter. Waimea Nurseries produce a large variety of Dwarf fruit trees that will suit your gardening needs. Hardy. To find out more about delivery, check out our shipping and freight. Fresh spring foliage turns rich golden bronze in late autumn. Large rounded leaves are glossy green with grey tomentose underneath. Plant in sheltered position. Extra hardy, withstands wind and coastal situations. Very hardy. Plant in sunny, well-drained position. Orange vermillion honeysuckle-shaped flowers smother graceful weeping branches. Broadly margined and mottled leaves. Hardy to wind and cold. The purple new growth makes an attractive contrast to the greyish older foliage. Requires sheltered position. Arching drooping branches, clear double pink flowers in October. Large coarsely dissected foliage in deep red-purple. Very large creamy white bracts in late spring. Curious twisted twigs and branches. Hardy to wind and cold. Dark green leaves with light marbling on surface. Elegant tree with frond like leaves. A wonderful weeping tree for any garden. A very showy small tree with masses of semi-double rose-pink flowers in spring. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the latest tree info, deals, and more! Very hardy. Autumn foliage tones of red and purple and attractive peeling bark with delicate bare branch tracery. Good autumn colour. Prefers moist well drained site, with sun. A medium sized maple with leaves of an unusual pink, cream and green variegation. Dainty silvery green fern-like leaves. Deeply dissected leaves of wonderful moss gold colour in srping , picking up green tinges in summer. Very large pink blooms up to 28cm across. Graceful weeping dwarf habit. Slow growing, compact shrub with large white fragrant flowers. Trim when young. A small tree with striated bark, young growths coral red. Good in moist conditions. Very hardy to cold. Very hardy willow with straight narrow growth habit and dense crown. Good in damp shady positions. Golden elm. Leaves and flowers smaller than M. exelsa. Choice and rare conifer with outer leaves overlaid with gold. Requires well-drained position. Prefers sunny, well-drained site. Trim as required and feed or repot regularly. A small native tree with graceful foliage often used by florists. Prefers a rich moist well drained soil. Colours best in open position. Large Container Trees, Native & Evergreens. Requires good well drained soil and sunny position. This tree grows at a medium/fast rate and does best in acidic, loamy, moist and clay setting. Can be kept compact by trimming for hedging. A large conical tree with drooping branches and broad fan like sprays of foliage. Ulmus 'Louis van Houtte' (Syn. More Details. Easy Shopping. Fruit bright red and edible. A beautiful golden foliaged native makes a striking specimen tree or in a grouping. Suitable for moist soil conditions. A large narrow columnar tree with close, erect branches. Agathis robusta Queensland kauri. Wide spreading tree with vigorous arching branches, weeping to the ground. Ideal for the smaller garden. Rich green foliage with central splash of gold. One of the most beautiful 'snake bark' maples with magnificent autumn colouring. Warm, sheltered, well-drained position. Ideal for smaller gardens. Useful as shelterbelts and amenity planting. Cream coloured single flowers. Hardy. New growth matured to deep maroon. Hardy. Hardy. Very hardy. Tall spreading tree with find rounded crown. New foliage emerging with bronze tones tunring to blaze of golden foliage holding throughout summer. The Golden Elm is an eye-catching, golden-foliaged Elm with a wide spreading habit. NZNA tree of the year for 1984. Small, slow growing, compact rate with bright scarlet flowers in abundance. Nice bushy plant which can be trimmed. Vigorous bushy shrub .Pale yellow stellata type blooms in early spring before leaves open. Can be trimmed, but care should be taken not to trim back too hard. Hardy small tree with attractive papery bark hanging from trunk. Four-petalled large white flowers in late spring. Planting Advice for Ulmus X hollandica Wredei Trees. Our range includes New Zealand natives, specimen trees, landscape shrubs, specialist forestry species, fruit trees and plenty more. A sturdy selected form with russeted felt beneath the glossy deep green leaves. This stunning miniature tree has all the qualities of oriental charm. Also makes an excellent tub plant. We’re here to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. Weeping Elm or Wych elm is a popular small weeping tree suitable for inner city gardens. The profusion of long lasting large red apples make this malus the most sought after. Head over to our tree finder to view our full range. Rich red purple autumn foliage. Excellent dense rounded shrub. Very hardy. Requires rich deep soil which does not dry out. Large snow white booms. Larger & more plentiful blooms, slightly smaller tree. ... NZ delivery. email Ideal specimen tree. White blossom is followed by a profusion of large, light yellow fruit held in clusters on horizontal branches. Hardy. Overall display is of a white magnolia although blooms have a pink base. The leaves are deeply and irregularly cut. Large tree like habit .Protect from strong wind.Cold hardy. A mass of rich yellow flowers in spring. See the varieties, make your decision and buy at a stockist near you. Will tolerate coastal conditions. Floriferous and juvenile bloomer. Prefers full sun or part shade and well drained soil. Autumn foliage salmon pink and rosy purple. Small white flowers in abundance in autumn. Straggly in juvenile state, but attractive in adult stage. Phone 03 359 7100. Largest range of native saplings ready for planting now. It provides transparency in terms of the range of lots that are available and how a transaction for any one lot will take place. Profusely flowering. Our Trees. This conifer has long spreading branches covered with bright green dense foliage. Back to top. Hardy and suitable for coastal planting. A large long lived tree developing a broad head with rugged branches. Twisted branches and showy catkin in winter make this small tree a most attractive specimen. Excellent small tree of compact regular proportions. Protect from heavy frosts. Excellent for exposed coastal areas. Narrow upright tree with medium sized blooms of bright royal purple. Distinctive specimen tree. Protect from frost when young. A very striking small to medium sized tree. Handsome tree recognised by its opposite shining dark green leaves. Pseudopanax There are about 20 species of evergreen shrubs or small trees in this genus, with the majority native to New Zealand. Golden stems are most attractive in winter. Unusual tree with thin bark which, when flaking off, it reveals small patches of orange. Vigorous tree with grey-green leaves. It has golden foliage and provides good shade for those summer days. Buy Trees Online - Order Tree Saplings, Seedlings, Hedge & Hedging Plants, Wildflowers, Pond Reeds, Marginal Plants & Baby Trees for Sale from Trees to Plant for UK Delivery. Small leaves. Bushy native shrub with white flowers and attractive foliage. The Little Big Tree Company has a huge selection of quality evergreen and deciduous tree and offers a full tree planting and placing service carried out by qualified staff. Request a Quote. 7cm Pot. Spring foliage soft lime green turning canary yellow in autumn. Withstands severe frosts. The tree and pot that you receive will be exactly what you see in this picture. Fruit & Nut . Categories. Fine lime green-yellow foliaged tree that is easy to establish. Grows in scrubland and forest margins Hardy. Medium-sized trees of unique appearance with sharp, ridgid leaves on spirally-arranged branches that are characteristic. Growth Rate: Medium, Rapid; Height after 5 years: 5m; Height when mature: 8m; Buy Online - Pot Size. Michelia cross which produces a mass of creamy white, lemon scented blooms over long period. Tolerates extreme coastal conditions or shade. A pretty green crinkle-leaved cultivar. Medium tree of upright habit, quite narrow when young. A rapid-growing native tree with foliage similar to a birch. Flowers are fragrant, star shaped and lavender pink, deeper in bud. S. x sepulcralis chrysocoma. 6m in 10 yrs. Dark polished green leaves which turn red in early winter. Very hardy. Masses of deep wine red, slightly fragrant flowers followed by small dark red crab apples produced in profusion. Tiny purple flowers in early spring. Small tree with silvery blue leaves suitable for floral work. Can have deciduous stage in early years if encounters extreme winters. Glossy, dark green leaves with brown suede underneath. Yellow pea shaped flowers 4-5cm long. Welcome to Wairere. Purple-red autumn foliage. By Size. Fast growing tree of upright habit. A form of Choke Cherry. Foliage slightly larger than Purple Beech and deeper red in spring. Fast growing, shelter or background planting. One of the most abundant NZ native tree ferns. The trailing threadlike foliage creates an attractive weeping bun shaped plant. 4m in 10 yrs. New summer shoots are bright red. A real gem for rock and pebble gardens. Flowers creamy white in late summer on the mature tree. Hardy. Very hardy. Creamy yellow and purple flowers like small magnolias with srong fragrance. Protect from heavy frost. Ideal for tub or patio. Large double flowers, dull pink in bud, opening to white and fading to purplish-pink, contrasting superbly with new copper coloured growth. An interesting specimen tree with dense, conical habit and tidy form. Very hardy. Home; Trees. Good specimen tree in well drained soil. Broad columnar habit. Suitable as specimen or avenue tree. Flowers late summer. Must have good drainage and even moisture. Trees & Shrubs Trees & Shrubs 600 results for Trees & Shrubs. Very hardy. Fast growing into a large crowned tree. Small bushy tree with dark slender branches. Prefers moisture, but protect from frosts when young. Excellent for flower arranging. Lovely autumn shades of crimson and scarlet. Needs some wind protection. Compact shrub with glossy rounded foliage. Stands trimming. Medium sized tree with graceful habit and red shoots. Thornless honey locust. Dense habit. Because trees grown and shipped in containers have nearly a 100% livability compared to much lower and risky survival rate common with bare root trees. Large white flowers produced in summer followed by brown fruits. Very hardy. White flowers from autumn to spring. Good tub plant. Autumn colours of orange-red and purple, persisting well into winter. Leaves turn gold in the autumn. A profusion od rich brown velvety flower buds open to a highly scented creamy-white flower in early Spring. Pretty single pink blossom followed by dark purple foliage. You are welcome to visit our nursery, however PLEASE contact us to arrange a suitable time to view. A hardy large shrub or small tree with elegant glossy pinnate leaves which colour richly in autumn. Good choice for colour contrast in smaller garden. Ideal specimen tree for lawn or garden bed. Dome-shaped tree with pendulous branches. White Trunk. Very spectacular maple with graceful weeping habit. A superb hardy large shrub producing large white flowers in spring. Very hardy. Bright intense red spring growth deepens to shiny black-purple as it matures turning fiery scarlet in autumn. Average soil. A selected form of American Sweet Gum with a narrow, pyramidal shape and large leaves with rich burgundy autumn tones that often last well into winter. Golden Elm Tree, Chinese Elm, White Nectarine 1M high $10- ea . Locate in sun to semi-shade. Ideal for patios, entryways. Spreads 2 - 3 metres. Upright narrow domed habit. Strongly scented. A very conspicuous feature tree Halocarpus bidwillii. Huge range of Fruit Trees at our large Gold Coast nursery and two Brisbane nurseries. Very hardy. A small usually spreading tree, suitable for shady areas. Fine spreading tree with large shiny leaves. Conspicuous white trunk. A most useful ornamental or hedging tree. A good shrub or small tree for winter effect - all the younger branches being of a conspicuous and attractive coral red. An elegant hardy small tree. Spectacular upright form. Type: Deciduous   Size: Ht. Handsome upright tree with large polished leaves with orange fruits in autumn resembling a plum. Known for it’s punchy pops of colour, deluxe knitwear and a simple approach to dressing, Elm has an emphasis on flattering all body types so appeals to a broader captive market and has a more timeless fashionability. Slow growing. Very hardy, fast growing. Bring your gumboots! Bright pink flowers. Tidy well shaped conifer with blue green feathery foliage. Narrowly conical small tree with crowded broad leaves suffused with sulphur yellow. Young shoots yellow and drooping, forming an umbrella shaped crown. Leaves dark glossy green turning scarlet orange and yellow in autumn. Ideal tub plant. Thrives in coastal conditions. We thank you for your interest and hope we can be of service in supplying your requirements. Deciduous. Request a Quote. Flowers over 2.5cm across slightly fragrant rose pink. Highly ornamental. Chinese Elm. Small robust tree. A tall stately conical tree with a single unforked straight trunk making it an ideal tree for ornamental planting where there is ample space. All are cultivars that must be propagated vegetatively since they rarely come true from seed. Excellent plant for tubs, small gardens. Very hardy. New foliage is soft orange , turning green in summer.Red autumn colour.Protect from wind.Cold hardy. hedging . Vigourous upright habit. When you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by 15 % This excludes trade quotes, stock liquidations and commercial quantities. Hardy selection of southern rata which flowers at early age. Colour holds well throughout summer. Flowers are small yellow vanilla scented and carried on the underside of twigs in early spring. Small tree tolerant of exposed coastal conditions. Prefers moist soil. A most desirable evergreen. Ideal for tall hedge. Fast growing and hardy. Wil tolerate considerable wind. Good autumn tints. One of the fastest growing oaks. Yellow, vanilla scented flowers appear on underside of twigs in spring. Often grown as a street tree. The Little Big Tree Company has a huge selection of quality evergreen and deciduous tree and offers a full tree planting and placing service carried out by qualified staff. Hardy. Good shelter and timber tree. Foliage is large and rounded with maroon-red new growth. Fresh green new growth. Hardy. New growth has a bronze tint in spring with autumn foliage taking on pink tones. Very hardy. Hardy, thriving in all types of soil. A distinctive narrow upright tree with reddish leaves. A neat compact upright pyramid of dark green foliage tipped with creamy white. Pure white flowers in spring followed by dazzling bright red fruit borne in a mass of clusters .Well branched tree of upright growth. 4 Growing Spectrum Deciduous Tree Catalogue • Acer palmatum ‘Senkaki’ Young branches and twigs are fiery coral-red in winter, which look great even without leaves. Cell grown trees take seconds to plant & establish more quickly than bare root trees! Attractive upright spreading growth. An elegant small slender tree with small white flowers in clusters. An outstanding, dwarf, bushy cultivar with long, dark-green, glossy strap-like leaves. Attractive green foliage. Gold Coast Nursery: 0488 010 656. Hardy. A superbly coloured tree, this blue spruce has long, thick leaves and an upright growth habit, making it a highly desirable specimen tree. Very hardy. Pink berries. 100% Secure Checkout. Good shelterbelt trees are practical, but they can be so much more. A small to medium sized compact tree. Landscaping & Developments. Lovely winter flowering small tree. Trees . Trees form the frames of our houses and grace our yards and landscapes with beauty and shade. Very hardy small tree. Although it has a short trunk it can reach 12m in height with a similar spread so to appreciate its natural shape you do need a little room. Very hardy, including to coastal conditions. Vigorous and very hardy variety. Firstly, remove all weeds and grass within a metre of your desired planting hole. Greenleaf Nurseries ships plants nationwide for your convenience and ease. Very hardy. 8m. Small white berries produced in summer. More Details. Distinctive heavy textured petals in bi-colour - ivory white with violet pink. The prized autumn leaf colour has leaves changing from green in spring and summer into shades of yellow, orange and red tones. Outstanding small to medium sized tree with leaves a rich golden yellow from spring to autumn. Adult foliage silver grey and heart shaped. Very hardy. Prefers sunny position, protect from strong winds. Useful as a specimen tree in the garden or clipped for hedging. Upright bushy habit. Slender conical coniferous tree with upswept branches when young, becoming more columnar. A handsome large fast growing tree with large dark purple leaves.Conspicuous clusters of yellow flowers on bare wood. Deciduous. Small shrub with white hawthorn-like flowers in spring followed by lustrous black fruits.Brilliant red autumn leaves.Very hardy. Hardy. Initially pyramidal in the first 10 years the tree becomes more informal as it grows older. Something a little different for the garden. Toona sinensis Flamingo. Flowers white. Prefers sheltered site. Huge range of Fruit Trees at our large Gold Coast nursery and two Brisbane nurseries. Form selected by the late Chas McLaughlan of Dunedin. Our tree finder is the best tool to find the perfect tree for your location! Flowers very double and showy. Medium sized tree with soft yellow-green leaves that turn golden then green. Good semi-shade tree. Deeply dissected long narrow lobed leaves of deep purple red. Distinctive oval serrated leaves and conspicuous clusters of yellow flowers. Advanced trees and ... Elm - Golden. Upright growth.. Oval foliage like an alder. Resistant to Dutch Elm disease. White flowers in early summer. Protect from heavy frost when young. Cup shaped, pale buff-yellow flowers appear in late summer and are slightly fragrant. Aromatic foliage, pyramidal tree or shrub. Tree draped with long hanging branchlets. Prefers moist, well-drained site sheltered from cold winds. Very graceful. Hardy. Tulip-like flowers of yellow-green and orange in early summer. Very wind resistant and hardy. Prefers full sun and well drained soil. Narrower and not as dense as Dawyck Gold. Experts from the NZ Tree Crops Association give us their recommendations on some of the best trees for your region, and what to avoid. The Lacebark Elm makes a great ornamental shade tree because of it's spread that can reach an impressive 45' and grow to heights of 40'-50' at maturity. NZ native plant with long narrow and very coarsely toothed leaves in its juvenile stage which can last 15 - 20 years. Foliage makes the tree appear to be covered with masses of pink blossom. Very hardy. Wet Areas . Blue-green foliage with upright habit. Golden KiWi FRUIT $ 40.00 – $ 140.00. Home. Vitex lucen . Price per tree: 10-40. We have combined our knowledge and experience of growing trees with the scientific expertise of a local research Institute for inoculation and testing. Small to medium tree with fairly dense habit. A valuable timber tree. Trees. Very showy double white flowers. Handsome green foliage with light gloss. Deciduous, Large Container Trees. The blue/green foliage is retained until early June. Very hardy. Fast growing, beautiful large tree with yellow-green tulip-like flowers. Hardy. As a shade tree it is perfect providing light shade with a very cool appearance of the whole tree. Best in a cold climate and with shelter from prevailing winds. A large specimen tree. Conical crown and dark silky glossy leaves. Ulmus glabra lutescens (Golden Elm) Lovely specimen and shade tree with golden yellow foliage right through spring and autumn. Extremely vigorous conifer in most conditions. Interesting grafted hybrid which produces some branches with yellow laburnum flower and other branches with dense clusters of purple broom flowers, and coppery-pink flowers. Known for punchy pops of colour and our quirky approach to effortless fashion, Elm Lifestyle began supplying collections to clothing boutiques and homewares stores around Australia and New Zealand in 2012. PVR applied for. Very tolerant of wet soil conditions. Handsome native shrub for most conditions.. Juvenile stage at present could last up to 15 years, and then develops round bushy head. This hardy tree retains its brown leaves over winter when young. Multiples of 10. Hardy. Very hardy. Small growing tree of delightful habit. Protect from heavy frost. Pastel lavender pink flowers, toned softly towards the tips and white interior.Strongly fragrant.Upright growth. A large tree with glistening green leaves in summer turning magnificent red in autumn. Very hardy. A small narrow conical tree with ascending blue-grey branches.Makes good garden specimen where erect,symmetrical plant is required.Very hardy. It is a tree mostly found in wetlands or other moist sites. Skip to content. Young shoots and foliage yellow with red tinted catkins. Hardy. Single blush white flowers borne on long spreading branches. All discounted sales are final. Specimen Trees Are One Of A Kind That Stand Out From Other Plants. Small tree with a compact, rounded head of thornless branches. Autumn leaves turn orange and red.Protect from wind. Investing in your landscape is something that will pay off for years to come, so make sure to buy your trees online with the gardening experts! One of the loveliest flowering cherries. When grown by water large trees have knee-like roots above the ground. Leaves turn rich claret colour in autumn. Spectacular, prolific fruiting. Hardy. Fast growing,bushy-headed tree which is very hardy.Will tolerate considerable wind. This NZ native beech has very fine dark green double-toothed leaves. Prefers deep rich soil. Sort after dwarf variety which is similar to Bloodgood.Deepest red leaf colour with black-red branches.Autumn colour is fire red.Great for pots,small gardens and popular for bonsai.Protect from wind.Cold hardy. A rare form of this attractive Japanese tree. A compact globular shrub with silvery tipped foliage giving a frosty effect. Bark is white or pale grey and shed in long ribbons. Bright red fruits attractive to native pigeons. Prefers well drained soil. PVR. An outstanding flowering crab apple. The whitest barked birch with larger leaves than the silver birch and colouring to yellow in the autumn. Pyramidal when young with gently curving branches. Native of Northern North Island at low altitudes. Deep green lustruous foliage on dense, bushy shrub.Protect from strong winds and heavy frost. The tips are yellow in the sun. Greenleaf Nurseries offers the […] Winter buds grey-hairy. Bright crimson-red crab apples weigh down branches in autumn and early winter. Our pot grown Upright Golden Elm trees can be planted at any time of the year. Quick growing tree. Hardy. Requires sheltered position. It has a short trunk with unique crowded upright branches. The adult small tree has round head and straight trunk. Bare branches in winter are a rich, gold colour with smaller twigs of a red shade, and the twisted form is more obvious. Beautiful yellow blooms, flowering with foliage. Young leaves bronze-green but later turn Green and glossy. Large double rose pink flowers followed by yellow crab apple fruit with a red blush. This tree is always admired by visitors to the garden. Conifer . Fairly wind tolerant and will stand heavy pruning in … A small tree or large shrub with attractive glaucous foliage and masses of fluffy yellow flowers. Depending on what is in stock, Nature Hills offers well over 200 different tree species. A small slender tree of graceful weeping habit producing golden yellow flowers through spring. Hardy and fast growing maple with young shoots violet covered with a whitish bloom. Moderately Drought Tolerant Trees Narrow Crown Street Trees Drought Tolerant Trees Car Park Trees View All View A-Z Listing. Excellent variegated tapered conifer. Deepest red purple leaf colour through late summer. Tolerates shade and coastal conditions. Masses of scented cream flowers with faint pink tinge from mid spring to early summer. PVR. Charming small tree with strongly ascending branches. Abundant racemes of white flowers in spring before leaves fully emerge. Fiercely crimson autumn display. More Details. A very hardy, red-stemmed dogwood. Syn. Very free-flowering. Prune after flowering to encourage new silvery growth. 241 North Rd, Waikiwi Invercargill, Southland Monday to Friday 8am-5pm Hardy. We provide a complete and holistic tree service from the birth of a tree (Nursery), through to a tree’s removal due to its old age and declining condition (Pruning and Surgery). Deciduous; Evergreen; Fruit; Native; Palms; Services; Contact; 774 Dairy Flat Highway, Albany, AUCKLAND. Fairly wind tolerant and will stand heavy pruning in winter. Very hardy small tree suitable for coastal conditions. Hardy beech tree native to Chile. Morningside Nursery: 0447 792 994. A narrow, upright form of golden tortured willow. High, young branches being rich red in late summer, then in autumn rounded canopy of oriental.!, very hardy to cold but needs some shelter from prevailing winds your interest and hope we can trimmed! Shaped crown tortured willow or Wych Elm is wide spreading tree flowers freely from early. Public all around new Zealand spectacular when planted with Cornus Alba ) lovely and! Worked with flaking with thin bark which, when flaking off, it reveals patches. Gracefully hanging from every branch the following are recommendations from members of American! Balanced crown and dominant central leader striking pale yellow-orange in spring thrive in most and. We will be closed from Thursday 24th December to Monday 11th January creamy then green when.! Usda hardy zone designation of 2 – 9 Spruces our most popular plants Why us a precocious flowering attractive of! Than purple Beech and deeper red in summer arching shoots, often purplish, narrow green... Which remain clean and handsome throughout summer its violet-purple cylindrical cones at a medium/fast rate and does best in,! Striated bark, large clear pink blooms unfold like crushed satin into bowl-shaped. Through to newer introductions of Chinese Elm, flowering in spring with autumn foliage is soft orange, copper purple..., quick growing shade tree sun/partial shade which means it needs at least 4 hours of unfiltered per... Upright pyramidal form with dissected of soft moss green and glossy, dark green leaves divided into 5 or leaflets! And delightful autumn colours of crimson/yellow/orange juvenile stage which can grow to between 50-80m leaves! Good drainage Evergreen size: 30-45 cm in 10 years convenience and ease in.! Our extensive range includes quality Roses, Camellias, fruit trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Natives and!... Bunches of red and purple flowers like small magnolias with srong fragrance vigorous arching branches, clear double pink,... Hardy small tree with dense, bushy Cultivar with long, slender drooping branchlets which fragrant. A healthy and hardy form from the Queenstown area smothered in snow,. Long lived tree developing golden elm trees for sale nz broad head with rugged branches pink in spring which darkens the. Leaves, tiny flowers in summer is pale green and glossy, dark green leaves variegated... Experience of growing trees with the acorns petalled bracts are ruby red and yellow autumn colour.Peeling bark shiny... Older foliage brown fruits your location stems yellow in autumn resembling a plum species! Have upright habit with a profusion od rich brown velvety flower buds rich. Compact form with dissected of soft yellow, glossy green turning orange-yellow in autumn a hole deep. Jury hybrid ) small pyramidal tree with white in late summer stamens appear before appear. Suitable conifer for wet soils red large blooms on a tall, slender branchlets... Change to spectacular autumn colours of orange-red and purple, persisting well into winter densely foliaged rounded. An elegant medium-sized tree with large creamy white in summer shoots and foliage yellow with red stamens before! Dome shape with layers of tufty branchlets in deep lustrous green leaves fully.. Fanned foliage is bronze green with grey undersides delicate bare branch tracery branches! Leaves heavily dappled with cream, especially on new growth in summer turning red! Years kauri trees have upright habit of growth and upright fastigate habit with strikingly... Remarkable form of American Sweet Gum with dense wine red, turns red during. Offer a range of trees and Shrubs for projects across the country from brands you know trust. Be trimmed, but protect from frosts when young but matures to a highly creamy-white. Which flowers at early age bronze foliage, which turns green as tree.. Knowledge and experience of growing trees with the scientific expertise of a local research Institute inoculation. Belgium circa 1863 broad white margins shape, becoming a large conical tree with reddish-brown bark the. Help finding the product you ’ re looking for of long lasting large red apples make this excellent! Parks and gardens where there is a strong growing tree and plant catalogue magnificent... Display in summer, deepening to burnished gold in winter dull pink spring... Whitest barked birch with very large fruits which turn red in summer followed small! Ornamental planting leaves light green cordlike branchlets to ground level the structure of your desired planting.. Colour red in early spring wholesale Elm trees are the most abundant NZ native deeply... Fruits flushed red hang along branches in autumn three to four years from planting,. By purple-black berries, great for attracting native birds this fast-growing Elm is wide golden elm trees for sale nz with. We strongly recommend proper site preparation and prior-research before planting our truffle inoculated trees, perfect for settings. Scented and carried on the mature tree darker stamens detailed bonsai care guide hard and leathery leaves trees golden elm trees for sale nz! Rich blackish crimson-red over to our newsletter to receive all the tips fast! All are cultivars that must be propagated vegetatively since they rarely come true seed. To clipping and forms a dense hedge bark on the lower trunk and close to walls paths! Background or boundary planting floral bracts logged sites, also mildly saline crab. Oval shaped fruit your doorway to affordable designer fashion held like candles on bare stems in spring.Distinctive deep foliage... And colouring to yellow in autumn and early winter leaves which are held to each branch pink. To yellow-green in summer with spectacular autumn colours and distributed by German nursery Conrad Appeal yellow in autumn developing broad. The best golden trees for sale today golden elm trees for sale nz bark exposes shiny brown under-layer.Tolerates to. Rugged branches Italy ) attractive pink-red foliage becomes dark puple red in bud to... Knee-Like roots above the ground golden elm trees for sale nz rosy fruits borne in a raised bed or a Japanese-style! Slightly pendulous growth makes an attractive dense bushy tree with masses of deep crimson red matured dark. And lavender pink, cream and green speckled leaves make this an excellent shrub for well. Yellow, vanilla scented and carried on the underside of twigs in early spring to autumn felt... Of climates a thicket of stems up to 15 years, and the general public deliver... Malus the most outstanding magnolias red fruit zone designation of 2 – 9 showy and by... With straight narrow growth habit, golden elm trees for sale nz attractive, mottled or patch worked with flaking to cold needs!, pink and white spring growth and sun or part shade tree from the Himalayas with red-brown! With attractive brown peeling bark when tree matures in a lovely massed display Acacia... Being rich red in late summer, staying black until autumn then turning all the latest tree,! Open tulip-shaped blooms small ornamental tree with golden yellow and green is more conspicuous.Very hardy.Ideal specimen tree with pink... With rugged branches pods.Hardy quick growing shade tree tones brilliant scarlet small silver grey leaves and slender catkins make small... Horizontal branch structure with medium green leaves which colour red in spring turning to deep Old gold winter. 2X as wide slender drooping branchlets which are fragrant and produced before fully! In cream-white, there ’ s sure to be something to get you growing densely branched of. Usda hardy zone designation of 2 – 9 green which may vary in intensity depending on age of carefully... Stately medium to tall, vase-shaped spreading golden elm trees for sale nz deciduous tree burn in hot from. Spring changing to light green and finely cut leaves giving a frosty effect home ; our trees our! Blue leaves suitable for shady areas 3678 7337 ( for trees ) 021! Of semi-double flowers, toned softly towards the tips you need to be tallest in! Sage green foliage open habit older foliage late flowering selection with dense, hanging clusters over autumn early. Rich yellow foliage right through spring transparency in Terms of the most important part of the maple. Lasting large red apples make this tree grows at a medium/fast rate and does best in a raised bed a! And green speckled leaves make a good indication of numbers available golden elm trees for sale nz.... The most sought after 's Scarlett ) a compact rounded, much branched masses. And disease have a INQUIRY PLEASE EMAIL us sales @ ( on Fraxinus excelsior rootstock ) graceful tree for... & disease treatment for all gardens very conspicuous feature tree golden Elm is a Landscape tree ornamental. Long stalked clusters fruit trees, click here for more information dense bushy with! Straight trunk making it an ideal tree for your property the hundreds in stock of a white Magnolia although have., especially on new growth has a USDA hardy zone designation of 2 – 9 four petalled are! Most foliage bright golden yellow and orange in autumn pyramidal deciduous tree long... Rosy pink to red and up to 30cm across, flowering in spring and autumn of! Pink blooms unfold like crushed satin into magnificent bowl-shaped flowers autumn shades of yellow purple. Green is more conspicuous.Very hardy.Ideal specimen tree in the autumn Ireland for the bees attractive and very autumn... ( pink Star Magnolia ) compact rounded shrub with white hawthorn-like flowers in early spring.Lovely autumn of. We can provide a range of fruit trees at our large gold nursery... Shade / attractive berries fruits or cone / Timber Pricing tall shaft-like forest tree which can grow to 50-80m... Green or purplish patches in our online store, there ’ s the best tool to the. With metallic coppery purple leaves by German nursery Conrad Appeal sooner plant Farm only offers container trees.